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    Which Credit Card Companies Use Equifax Only?

    There are three Consumer Credit Reporting Agencies in the United States. Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union have it as their mission to keep tabs on the over four hundred million consumers around the world. They collect information on where you work, where you live, where you have applied for credit, and how you pay your rent, your car payment, your credit card balances, your mortgage, and any other kind of credit you possess.

    This information is supplied to Equifax and the other agencies by places that have extended you credit. If you have a department store credit card, or if a bank has granted you a loan, if you have a rental agreement or have entered into a mortgage, these institutions (the department store, the bank, the mortgage company) report that information to the credit bureaus. In this way, the Credit Reporting Agencies such a Equifax not only know that you have applied for the department store card, or the bank loan, or the mortgage, but they now also have any information you were required to give the lending agency. This includes your address, place of employment, phone number and contact information, and any other information you supplied on your credit application.

    This information can then be purchased by other creditors wishing to determine if you are a viable credit risk for them.

    So, which credit card companies use Equifax only? Well, most large creditors report information to all three credit bureaus every month, however smaller creditors may report to only one. In addition, the three Credit Bureaus each treat the information in a slightly different manner, which results in your having a different credit score number from each of the three agencies. If your score is drastically different between one agency and another, or if one agency or another has false or erroneous information on you, it may be necessary to investigate which companies only purchase information from one or another of the bureaus, whichever one offers you the highest or most accurate score.

    Most large banks and credit card companies will pull information from only one of the three bureaus. Which one they choose generally depends on the area. Usually this area is determined by the zip code you report in your application. The agencies base this upon which bureau has the best and most accurate information for that particular area. It is rumored that creditors in the Northwest pull Equifax much more often than in other regions of the country.

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